Grace Scalzo - GraceScalzo
     Grace Scalzo has loved the outdoors since childhood. The combination of photography and nature opened her eyes in new ways and ignited a passion for the art form. 

     Grace's images have received numerous awards and have been published by NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association) and "Nature's Best" Magazine, two highly acclaimed publications in the nature and wildlife photography community. 

     Grace believes that if people see and feel a connection to their environment, they will care about preserving it. Photography has great power in showcasing our natural world. It is with this in mind that she creates her images, prepares slide shows, and speaks to Audubon groups, photography clubs, and libraries. 

     Grace resides in Spring Branch, Texas, with her husband, Ted, who lends his technical and creative energy to her web site and slide show preparations. They are managing their land for the benefit of wildlife under a plan approved by the State of Texas, and under their stewardship, it will never be divided and developed.


Slideshows , Prints, Greeting Cards & Lessons In The Field

                           Please contact Grace by clicking on this e-mail link.

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